Get an Insurance Break if You Can

I knew that there was a discount on my car insurance if I upgraded the security system on my old car or had a security system on a newer car. I did not realize that it could also save you a lot of money if you bundle your home and your car insurance together. Other things that also saved us money on our car insurance were drivers ed discounts for my daughter who was just starting to drive and no fault accidents in the past three years. I wondered if things like orange county shutters would actually give me a discount on my homeowners so I called and asked if something like that would get me a good discount. I figured that it could not hurt since we had gotten a new security system for our house and I had to report that to see if that would also save me a good amount of money. My husband did not have any clue about the type of discounts that we were getting with the cars.

I was shocked to speak with the insurance agent who said that it would also depend on my driving record and how long I have been driving for. Even though I was forty years old and had never had a claim or an accident, she said that I could still get a safe driving discount and I could also get a driver’s ed discount since I had gone when I turned 16. I really think she was loading me up with discounts to show me how much money I could actually save if I was going to try to stay with them. I think that it was a great thing for her because we ended up saving a lot of money and slashed our bill almost in half.

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