The Perfect Recliner for My Apartment

When I moved into my new apartment, I decided to not take my old recliner. It was not in the best of shape, and it just did not make sense to haul it over here when I would just need to replace it within a few months anyway. I moved everything else though and got settled in, then I began my search for a new recliner with ottoman. I had never had this type of recliner before, but I love the one that my friend has at her apartment. I think that is probably another reason why I decided to just leave my old one behind.

The one that I had was comfortable when I first got it, but the one my friend has is so much nicer to sit in. She told me where she got it from, and I knew that I wanted to order one from them too. The only thing I had to decide was which color and design to get. The walls in my living room are a soft coral color, so I knew that I needed to get a color that would complement the walls. I did not want anything that would clash not only with my own furniture but with the walls as well.

When I found a swivel recliner in a soft gray color, I knew that it was the one I wanted. The base of the recliner as well as the ottoman is brown, which does not clash with anything else in my living room. If anything, it looks like this particular recliner and ottoman were designed just for my living room. The best part of the entire search was the price, because I spent less than what I had budgeted for. It is set up now across from my bookcases, and it looks fabulous.

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